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Discover for yourself what a difference using Xero can make

Xero Direct

You’ve already taken one step closer to working smarter using Xero, now look at how we can move you closer still to taking better control of your business finances…

    • We offer a free month’s trial so that you can play around with Xero to your heart’s content.  There’s a fully functioning demo company along side your own business, so you can really test it out.  Don’t worry you can’t break it and it’s a great way to see what it can do and once you’re in there, you can have a look around the video tutorials to see how easy various tasks are.
    • If you’re keen to jump straight in and need no more convincing, just let us know and we’ll convert you to a fully live version, keeping your own business information intact, and give you your first month’s subscription free!
    • We offer all new Xero clients training sessions in bitesize chunks so that we can get you up and running straight away. How many chunks you need will depend on how much of Xero you are using and how much guidance you will need. After the initial training we give 3 months free telephone support to sort out any new user nerves, because we want you to be make sure you are completely happy with Xero.  Of course Xero has it’s own free detailed online support, giving you 24/7 cover.
    • If you are already using another system we can put a conversion plan together and ease the transition across to Xero, and how much information you bring across is up to you.
    • Once we know what support you need going forward, we’ll set you up on one of our monthly accounts packages, so no more once a year accountancy bills.



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